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The Art of living ( “Savoir vivre”).

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The Art of Living (  “Savoir Vivre“ ).

“An image can say more than a thousand words “ is a wise saying. Images generate the alphabet of a Universal Language. This language is resourcing from the Cosmic Archives, the Living Library of Life.

Intuitive inspiration is an inner source that announces itself. If we are listening and acting upon it something new, something unknown is being unfolded, layer by layer emerging and presenting itself… This creative impuls brings renewal, growth and well-being, even though this may not (yet) always be recognized. It is nourishment and balm to our soul.

As a coach and travelguide I went with a group of people on an inner adventurous journey last year; a journey full of creativity and transformation. Theme of the journey: “Birth ( opening up of) of the Crystalline Dimension, through dynamic interaction between Light and Shade”

After attunement, searching and feeling into the Creative Ethers, first a subtle conversation with colours arose; a mood, an atmosphere unfolded, slowly revealing through this creative process an expression. In this surrender to and communication with Intuitive Inner Guidance a fertilization and interaction took place and conveyed by this vibrational language of light and colour beautiful images came into being out of this Crystalline sphere. The interconnectedness and union between the unconscious and the conscious became visible and empirical!

During this intuitively inspired creative process everyone received one or more veilpaintings guided by their own creative Beingness and brought this into expression. Sometimes also accompanied by stories, poems and little pieces of music and songs. It was wonderful and joyful to make this journey together and share the experiences. It also healed deep spiritual and emotional wounds, dissolving old fixed patterns and images. 

Now we have come to a point where we’d like to show these expressions in all their purity to the outside world, so the grattitude, beauty and wisdom may flow and speak directly to each and everyone through the language of the Heart. Also we would like to show, by example, that everyone has the ability to get in touch with the “Inner Artist “ and become a co-creator of Beauty and Harmony!

Ideas and responses to be sent to:

Annet Hoeijmans-Boon.