The healing tones of Crystal Bowls.

As everybody knows, certain sounds can have a deep impact on our emotions. By listening to a specific piece of music our moods can easily change. Music influences our total human system. Violins for instance can have a great impact on your heart “strings”. These vibrations may touch an inner chord, uplift you, or even evoke tears offering spontaneously great cleansings. We have all been touched in this way at some time. In this way sound has a great influence on our intuitive-feeling body, as well as on our mind and soul. We do not only hear sound through our ears, we hear sound through every pore of our body. Sound permeates the entire being. It is a vibrational frequency, a carrier and conveyer , creating a connection and communication between mind, soul and spirit, between Body and Creation. All our awareness’ and perceptions through any sense so ever, are attuned to becoming aware of vibrational patterns, of wavelike rhythms. The perception of soundwaves and the awareness of lightwaves (colours ) are only two examples.

Harmonic resonance.
When a human being, plant or animal has a disease, it means that his vibrations are weakened. There is a disorder in the rhythm of life, a disharmony of tones. Some cells are vibrating very weak, almost without any activity. Through sound as a spiritual healing tool a strong vibration can uplift a weak one: empowerment through harmonic resonance.

Crystal bowls produce rich vibrant sounds enhanced by harmonics and overtones and are known for their healing qualities. The vibrations touching the depth of the soul, activate the healing process. Cells, blood and bones are built from different crystal-forms, crystalline-patterns. In sounding the crystal bowls it is not only the sound waves that are important but also the lightwaves, producing colours that go with them. By activating the atoms in the crystal, they collide and through this produce lightwaves which are carried along and empowered by the sound waves. Vibration causes movement; movement shows colour; colour produces tone. Colour is visible sound and sound is audible colour. Both have an influence on our energetic system. Clairvoyants have seen dancing, sparkling colours when sounding the bowls. This dance of sound- and lightwaves is measurable. They create an electro-magnetic field. Each colour represents vibrations. (for more information see the book: Rays of Truth from Lord Michael)

What is sound?
Sound comes from a wavelike collision of air-molecules and has a great influence on matter. Experiments showed that soundwaves, conveyed through different material substance produce sound-forms, patterns, which show great resemblance to natural forms like spirals, circles etc. Decennia ago on the exhibition “Phenomena” in Rotterdam metals plates were shown which in the middle were soldered on a small standard. With a bow one could strike the rim which caused a vibration and thus a tone. Because of the different forms and seizes of the plates the tones were different. With help of refined sand sprinkled on the plates, this sand was activated into movement during the vibration and through this created geometrical forms – patterns that became visible. Sounds showed how they were able to come into form!

Sound, the bridge between past, present and future.
From ancient times sound has been used to communicate, educate, build, destroy, soothe and to entertain. Priests, priestesses and shamans in many cultures have used sound to heal people, to empower people and to open doorways / gateways into other dimensions. In the ancient world the Mayans, Egyptians, Inca’s and Tibetans all were familiar with sound and its effect on the human body and mind. Many great civilizations were conscious of this. It was an integrated part of the way healing was practiced in those days. Over the past years the use of sound as a healing medium has drawn more and more attention of the areas of both science and medicine. The clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would become the medicine of the future. Also Barbara Marcinak speaks of the role sound will play in the future of evolution of mankind. Alice Bailey wrote in 1934…. the healer heals mainly through the use of the sound or sounds that are needed. All say that it is of great importance that your intentions are clear in how to use and practice sound. Clarity and transparency are qualities that we also need, in these changing times. To this day both in India and Tibet, chanting, droning and Tibetan bowls are still used to uplift and heal the sick. In China sound has been used for centuries when teaching Qi Qong to tone the chakras, the endocrine system and the organs associated with them. Also in architecture musicale intervals ( relationships) were used. When for instance you look at a Cathedral or temple you look at “solidified “ sound. Pythagoras said: “the world is music”. With music he meant organized sound.

Rhythms of life.
As time goes by we will become more conscious and aware of vibrations of colour, sound, movement and scent. They will play a bigger part in our lives and bring their healing potential. Our DNA exists of vibrations which together produce a unique tone. This sometimes is called the voice of your soul, your soul-note or your “inner calling”. Healing tones can stem from many levels, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, birds calling their mate, monks chanting, a cathedral organ being played, an orchestra, or beautiful voices and even drums. All sounds can affect us, touch us, and when we listen consciously , being responsive; they can resonate with an organ, tissue or cell, exciting them to respond, balancing our energies in a very special way. Sensitive attention then is guiding the energies. Sound can create a connection with our etheric body and harmonize it. It activates the inner Healer and helps us finding our way.

By singing or humming each day in time we can “find” our personal soul note – one that brings our whole being into unison and harmony, not only with ourselves, but with the universe. Tone in the shower, bath or car when driving!

Sound in relation to the chakras.
There are many different approaches of the chakra’s as energy centers, portals or gateways, areas of work, phases of development, dimensions, colour-rays. Chakras can be seen as spirals, wheels of coloured light in the etheric body. They are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity, centers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. They are also called lotuses or chalices. These spirals sometimes need acceleration, sometimes they need speed reduction. The diatonic scale is based on the Octave and has a direct communication with the chakras. In this approach we work with 8 chakras because the recently activated thymus chakra is part of it. By some the thymus chakra is known as the Higher Heart linked with Turquoise and situated between the heart and the throat. It plays an important role in these transitional, changing times. When more chakras are beginning to awaken or are activated, slowly the 12 tone chromatic scale can be used, related to the 12 chakra ( or vibrational) system of the Cosmic human being, overshadowed (governed ) by the 13th vibrational frequency. This frequency is also called: the Cosmic Christ-consciousness. Crystal sound therapy or massage helps to balance the energy-system and regenerate and empower the auric field.

What is so special about crystal bowls?
Crystal bowls are made of 99.992% pure crushed quartz and manufactured in a special way. Each bowl is tested with digital technology to identify its sound. Human bodies are composed ( in part) of millions of crystals, a type of calcium phosphate called “apatit”crystals ( see Robert Becker “The Body Electric). Cells, blood and bones consist of a crystalline structure and our spine is like a musical instrument, a xylophone or a piano. When the crystal bowls are sounded their resonance can be felt within the bodies cavities affecting the crystalline structure in our bones. When struck, powerful vibrations spread quickly through the body that consists of approximately 70% water, which resonates and produces a very subtle internal cellular massage. The sound diffuses along the nerve pathway to the organs, touching systems, tissues, and cells in turn affecting blood circulation, metabolism, endocrine and chakra balance, cleansing the auric field, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, but most importantly creating alignment with our Higher Self. The tender light and loving touch of these vibrations inspire purification, clarifying our hearing, seeing and sensing.

Valuable research.
One of the practical applications of crystal bowls is creating structured water. It means that water is charged is a bowl through resonance, and the water molecules organize themselves in a crystalline – like pattern. People drink this water, sometimes called liquid crystal, to support and cleanse the whole system. Research is still done o.a. by Norman Mikesell. Also Nostradamus, a physician, predicted that cancers will be disintegrated by a method of regular soundwaves or vibrations, just like kidney stones already are crushed by sound nowadays.In the light of all these developments registration of treatments and healing is done in America, since 1995. The late Japanese scientist Masaro Emotu gave many examples of the way thought-vibrations form crystals patterns in water.
Vibrational medicine through harmonic resonance is still a very interesting field of research.